Are you thinking of giving video marketing a go? With 52% of marketers naming video as the type of content with the best ROI in 2014, it’ll be a great decision for your business. Whilst there are many places you can upload your videos to today, YouTube is arguably the best place of all. Here we’ll provide a quick guide to how YouTube can help your business

YouTube statistics

To get an idea of how big YouTube is and the possibilities it offers advertisers, let’s take a look at some key statistics…

  • YouTube has more than one billion users
  • YouTube gets around four billion views every day
  • The number of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year on year
  • Half of YouTube views are on mobile devices

Pretty impressive, don’t you think? If you’re still not convinced that YouTube will help your business, check out some of the reasons below. We’re sure they will have you wanting to make your first video in no time!

Get found in search engines

Create engaging YouTube video content that is optimised for SEO and you’re likely to see your videos appear in relevant Google searches. You’ve probably noticed that YouTube videos are appearing more often in Google’s search results, showing that the search engine values video content just as much as text based content, giving you a high chance of gaining click throughs. Not only that but people are often more inclined to watch a video than read text (as it requires less effort) making video results far more favourable.

Creating quality YouTube videos and placing them on your website will also help to boost its authority. The more authoritative your website appears to Google, the higher it will rank your videos and pages in search results.

Gain customers’ trust

Making YouTube videos for your business can also help you to win your customers’ trust. For example, a product demonstration video is likely to give customers more confidence in making a purchase from your website. Similarly, a behind the scenes YouTube video featuring mini interviews with some of your staff will show customers you’re more than just a website, which will give them more faith in your services.


YouTube advertising

Today businesses also have the opportunity to advertise on YouTube. This basically involves creating a short video clip and having it played before other videos that share the same audience. The great thing about YouTube ads is that like with pay per click advertising, you have full control over your spend and can customise your demographic to ensure you are targeting the right audience.


Improve engagement

Finally, YouTube videos can help your business by improving customer engagement levels. Many people find video far more engaging than written text, as it is easier to consume. Whether you are looking to share information about your product or a little background information about your business, creating a YouTube video is the best way to keep customers interested.


The added bonus is that by uploading your videos to YouTube, you make them super easy for other people to share on their websites, blogs and social media pages, which can help to widen your reach and improve engagement.



So now you know the benefits of YouTube to your business, you are probably wondering how to get started? Well if you are looking for professional quality YouTube videos, you have certainly come to the right place. Simply give Zealous Media a call on 01489 278030 to discuss your video production requirements!