ARC – Northrop Grumman 3D Animation

The Brief

Northrop Grumman requested a 3D animation of a busy airport, similar in style to Heathrow Airport. They needed the animation to be accurate as possible, as they specialise in air traffic control hardware and software. Air traffic control is one of the most vital components of modern air travel, and these simulation GCI videos are a key tool used for education and industry training.

Zealous Media’s Solution

At Zealous Media, we did not take Northrop Grumman’s request lightly; we know just how important these 3D animation videos are to the safety of air travel passengers around the world. We spent countless hours studying the smallest details of aircraft movement, runway and taxiway activities in order to ensure that the video achieved the highest possible level of accuracy.

Using the most advanced motion graphics techniques, software and design, we created a highly advanced, attractive and deeply informative 3D animated video that was exactly to the client’s specifications. It is not only a useful tool for training and education programmes, it is also an attractive and interesting piece of work that Northrop Grumman can use for many years to come.

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