Cambridge Weight Plan – Jennifer Ellison Testimonial videos

The Brief

Cambridge Weight Plan, one of the diet industry’s most trusted brands, was in need of a down to earth web video that could convey to prospective clients that the successes achieved by their selected models can be achieved by anyone.

For this project, it was vital that the video and the model, Jennifer Ellison, appear as authentic and believable as possible, in order to inspire trust and build potential clients’ confidence.

Zealous Media’s Solution

In order to evoke consumer trust, Zealous Media elected to use a fresh approach in this web video. It was important that viewers see Jennifer Ellison ‘behind the scenes’ of her photo shoot, in order to send the message that she is a real, dynamic and fun individual in whom they can put their trust and rely on. We can see her transformation on camera, and as the viewer watches professionals apply her make up and style her hair they can easily imagine themselves in her shoes.

Zealous Media continues this web video’s personable approach by filming Ellison delivering a testimonial. Testimonial videos inspire trust and hope, and signal to viewers that the information being conveyed is genuine and positive, and they too can benefit from the product being touted. This video production method has helped Cambridge Weight Plan achieve new, unparalleled success.

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