Cobham Lighting Strike Animation

The Brief:

Cobham PLC is a British aviation company known for manufacturing state of the art aircraft for the commercial market. As safety is first and foremost on any air travellers mind, they wanted us to create a computer animation that would show exactly what happens when an aircraft is struck by lightning, and demonstrate how their skilled engineering methods keep passengers safe even in this unlikely scenario.

They needed a short, realistic animation video delivered on budget and on time, and Zealous Media were able to provide this.

Zealous Media’s Solution:

Shooting an actual lightning strike on an aircraft in mid air would be nearly impossible, and would be an incredibly costly endeavor to even attempt. We recreated a lightning strike on a plane flying through the air by utilising CGI, motion graphics and 3D animation. While the video is incredibly realistic, it was done completely through visual effects.

Zealous Media created all of the assets that appear in this video, including the airplane, the environment and the human figures. This was a complex task, and we were able to complete it with aplomb and deliver it to Cobham well under budget.

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