Cooking with Policy Corporate video

Creative Video Production

Have you ever viewed “how to succeed in the corporate world” web videos and nearly yawned yourself to sleep? Or perhaps you have watched corporate videos and cringed at the cheesy script and the tired old tips presented in a dull way.

You’re not alone – most clients complain that these clips often have poor video production quality and boring scripts. However, this corporate policy ‘cooking show’ for Amdocs proves that it doesn’t have to be this way.

Amdocs wanted to create a unique web video to promote the human touch that they aspire to provide every client – and what better way to showcase their personality than with a fresh batch of policy cookies?

Our Approach

Working with a creative agency, Zealous Media produced this engaging, fun and attractive short web video meant to highlight Amdocs strengths while avoiding predictable corporate advertising tropes. Clocking in at just under four minutes, the short film is quirky, fun and unique – all attributes that they wanted to highlight.

Zealous Media was able to work within their tight budget in order to assist with location sourcing, casting a qualified actor and commissioning motion graphics. We provided a 2 camera shoot with track and dolly which gives the corporate video a professional, polished look and emphasises its value. Much to the satisfaction to the client, the entire project was completed well within their tight time schedule.


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