Grey Goose: The Loft Marketing video

The Brief

Premium spirits giant Bacardi approached us with a request for a marketing video that could elucidate the luxurious customer experience of the Virgin Atlantic First Class Lounge at Heathrow Airport. The intention was to promote their award winning Grey Goose vodka and cross promote both their own brand and Virgin Atlantic.

It was imperative that the video demonstrate the chic, timeless elegance of the lounge experience, and highlight the sophistication and good taste of a cocktail or martini made with Grey Goose vodka. Aimed at a high end clientele, Bacardi wanted this video for both marketing and internal communication purposes, so it was important that it perfectly reflect their brand and image.

Zealous Media’s Solution

Zealous Media knew that Bacardi wanted to be able to demonstrate the quality of their high end product, so we knew that our video must be of the finest calibre. For this project, the devil was in the details; we worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the finish, editing, score and set was perfect.

To complete this project, we used video production techniques that included employing a large sensor camera, and we hired qualified actors to play the lounge customers. Bacardi was delighted with the result, and have used this video for a wide array of marketing and internal communications purposes.

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