SplashMaps Exhibition and Web Video

The Brief

Splashmaps is definitely no ordinary orienteering company, and they needed an extraordinary promotional web video that could demonstrate the epic potential of their printed cloth maps.

Maps are naturally an exciting item, as they evoke travel and adventure – but Splashmaps wanted to emphasise their practical nature alongside their more exotic qualities. Amidst sweeping shots of the British countryside and a larger than life score. Splashmaps wanted to highlight the benefits of their product’s in numerous scenarios. In this video, a mix of elite athletes, hobbyist hikers and geo-caching children showcase the usefulness of a map that doesn’t tear or crumple.

Zealous Media’s Solution

To highlight the unique qualities of the Splashmaps brand, Zealous Media wanted to film their exhibition video in a high energy and creative way – and this short was shot in only one day. We utilized aerial filming techniques and our DJI Ronin to give the web video a sweeping, epic feel, and yet the short duration of the shoot enabled us to complete the project well under the allotted budget.

The resulting web video can only be deemed a complete success, as Splashmaps were ecstatic with the result. In addition to promoting their brand online, Splashmaps have been able to use this professional and dynamic video for trade exhibitions. The short film gained traction on Youtube and garnered tons of views, and helped Splashmaps achieve a high ROI on their investment.

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