TransOcean Bulk

The Brief:

Transocean Bulk approached us with the desire to explain their complex, scientific procedure to clients who may be unfamiliar with the industry. They wanted a professional, high quality website video that included motion graphics, 3D animation and an authoritative yet easy to understand narrator who could convey the nuances of the product to viewers.
As industry leaders in bulk liquid transport, Transocean needed to ensure that their online video positioned them as the expert in the field while also remaining accessible to a wide audience of potential clients. They wanted a video that highlighted the order process and the ease of use for the end customer.

Zealous Media’s Solution:

We were delighted to create an online video for Transocean that is at once visually arresting and eminently authoritative on the topic of oceanic bulk liquid transport. The video explains the advanced science behind this technique and makes the order procedure crystal clear.

We utilized custom designed 3D animation and precise motion graphics to show the construction methods of the Flexitank and to explain the entire import procedure. The end result is a professional, attractive and engaging online video that is sure to provide many years of value to Transocean and their clients.

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