About with all kinds of great personalities

We’re a video production company, but unlike some others out there, we approach things from a marketing angle. We’re design-led, brand-aware, and meticulous about how you come across to your customers. We like being different and for our work to break the mould but we also keep our creative flair in tune with the nature of your brand and audience, doing whatever it takes to keep them entertained, engaged and informed.

 Meet the team

  • Chris Diaper

  • Head of Production / DOP

A true production powerhouse and Zealous Media’s primary cameraman & editor, Chris is equally at home filming in a green screen studio as he is back at the office editing a short brand promo. He began his career over 15 years ago, filming and editing live event films. He set up Zealous Media seven years ago and has never looked back. 

  • Lukas Smith

  • Camera Operator and Photographer

Lukas is rarely happier than when he’s behind a lens, regardless of subject matter. There really is no facet of photography that fails to intrigue him. A master of digital editing and post production techniques, he carries out all our photo retouching requirements in-house, which, coupled with his equipment of choice, a Canon 5d Mark 3, ensures he’s able to deliver each aspect of every project effectively and efficiently.

  • Paul Baird

  • Producer / Director

With a game-changing combination of creativity and business flair, alongside a razor-like focus on the brand positioning of our clients, Paul draws on his marketing background and decades of understanding to stamp his unique mark on virtually every project that we deliver.

  • Lindsey Housham

  • Account Manager

Lindsey’s passion lies in bringing ideas to life and making them look exceptional on screen, whether through a unique animation style or an ambitious shoot. Resolutely dedicated to seeing the whole process through, from start to finish, she loves to get as involved in everything as she can – from brainstorming through to discussing how to achieve that tricky shot on set.