Making a Great Testimonial Video

A testimonial video goal is to share existing customer experiences with potential new customers as if face to face.

Our testimonial videos are produced with the following process:

  • We work with you to understand your business clearly to help us shape the questions of the interview
  • We take time to word questions for the interviewee carefully to keep the interview focused on talking about what matters
  • Lastly we use our highly professional video production skills to engage the audience

Our sole aim is to produce a testimonial video which truly reflects your values and your business.  At the same time excites and attracts viewers to your business.

Make it worth their while

A testimonial video can only take a few hours to film. If your working business to business and we’re filming at their office, we could spend the extra time producing a short video for them too. It’s a good way to induce your clients to do the testimonial and the costs of the extra filming and editing are minimal, as we’re there anyway.

Generate Results from your Testimonial Video

We’ve been producing testimonial videos for many years so we know what works. We also know how to get the most out of your existing customer during filming.  We will make the filming a fun and relaxing experience to help them get their thoughts clear and focusing them on speaking about what matters.

Next step: if you would like a testimonial video for your business, get in touch and lets chat.