Are you looking for a better way to promote your business? Investing in a promotional video is the perfect solution. Not only are videos great for improving customer engagement and sparking interaction but they also have SEO and conversion benefits too. Below we’ve explained how YouTube videos, corporate videos and promotional videos can add value to your marketing strategy.

Let customers get to know you

If customers don’t know anything about your business, then how can you expect them to trust you? Since trust plays a huge role in generating sales, it’s essential that you do everything you can to earn it from your customers. One of the best ways to earn customers trust is to let them get to know you through creating a promotional video.

Promotional videos are designed to show customers what you’re all about and give them an insight into your values and beliefs. They will also generate interest in your products and have a strong call to action that encourages customers to make that all-important purchase.

Another great way to help customers get to know you is by creating YouTube videos. Giving them access to behind the scenes footage at your manufacturing facility or in your office will help to boost your credibility. Interviews with members of staff are also very popular, particularly if some of your employees run the company’s social media pages, as this will allow customers to put a face to a name.

Improve SEO

As well as helping to win your customers’ trust and loyalty, promotional and corporate video material is also great for boosting your website’s search rankings. Video is easily searchable and according to the Marketing Tech Blog, makes up to 70% of the top one hundred search listings on Google.

Not only is video content likely to generate higher click through rates from organic search listings but it will also improve your website’s user experience, which will in turn boost its SEO.

Increase sales

Stats show that including a promotional video on a landing page boosts conversions up to 80%. That’s 80% more sales you can achieve by simply commissioning a promotional or corporate video and uploading it to your website.

We’ve already mentioned that video content helps to build customers’ trust in a company but it also helps to sell products to them. Remember that when customers are shopping online, all they have to go on is the image and description, so by including a video showing the product in action, you stand a much better chance of increasing sales.

This is an example of a business video with a slight twist

DIY vs. professional video production for business

Now you know why video production is so important to businesses, you are probably wondering whether it’s something you can do yourself or something you’re going to have to budget for. The truth is it all depends on how you want to present your business to customers.

A DIY promotional video may be perceived as charming but there’s always a risk of customers thinking your company is unprofessional. If you want to guarantee that you make a good impression on your customers, hiring a professional video production company to create your promotional or corporate video is the safest bet.

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