Camera Crew


We have a flexible camera crew, that can be ready at a moments notice.

Maybe you need a camera operator with equipment to capture an event. Or perhaps, you need a full camera crew to help produce a cinematic corporate video. Whatever the scale your budget, we have someone that can help.

All of our camera operators have vast amounts of experience to capture everything that you require.

We have a highly skilled, scale-able camera crew, that can be ready with very little notice.

Our core team all have expertise in certain areas of filming, we believe using the right crew for the shoot is paramount to the final video output.

We can also scale the crew dependant on your budget. If all you need is a one man shoot for a series of ‘talking heads’ or the full camera crew for a cinematic corporate video, we have the team ready.

Our Crews

Our camera crews have a wealth of experience in all aspects of video production. Along with their experience, they’re armed with a vast array of professional camera and filming equipment.

Many of our camera operators and videographers have additional cameras and filming skills, including:

CAA Licensed and insured drone filming.

Marine filming.

Altitude filming.

Vehicle filming.

Steadicam and Gimbal Operators.

Timelapse and mini-Cam filming.

Drone filming.

Our Equipment

As the saying goes, ‘The best camera is the one you have in your hand’ – which is why we arm our team with the very latest recording equipment. We continually investing in our equipment to ensure we keep up with the latest filming technology, so that the final video is as impressive as possible.

Our core kit contains several 4k cameras, prime lenses, mics and lighting. To ensure we can capture stunning images. We also use the following dependant on storyboard and video purpose:

Rhino Slider (motion controlled)

DJI Ronin (motorised gimbal)

Cinema Prime Lenses


Track and Dolly



We also use a variety of grip equipment, including camera stabilisers and motion-controlled sliders. This enables our camera crew to create cinematic camera movements.

With these tools, we are able to stay at the peak of our game and produce the highest level of content.

Whilst we have a broad range of equipment, if there was a specific shot or treatment you required, we’re happy at pre-production stage to source the kit for the purpose.

If you would like to hire a camera operator or a production crew