Defence Video Production


Defence video production and the defence industry in its entirety is truly unique, where integrity, safety, security and heroism take principle position.

The environments we shoot in often require quick adaptability and high-level pre-planning but the results are some of the most inspirational content we ever capture.

The key in defence is to pre-plan content, without it and the engagement of key stakeholders the mission won’t be a success. Our process dictates that at each stage of defence video filming and production we involve the key stakeholders, allow them time for input and feedback so we have the luxury of being creative.


Passion for the content, a ‘can do’ attitude for the actual filming, vital understanding of the subject matter and adherence to the initial brief equal success in the defence sector. Our experience and credibility in defence video production is exemplified by the varied projects/formats below:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Briefing
  • Promotional
  • Product/Technology
  • Instructional
  • Trials – equipment testing
  • Facilities showcase
  • Talking Heads

Cinematic Videos

Promotional Videos

  • Employing the use of cinematic filming techniques such as extreme long shot and birds-eye give the audience a ‘film trailer’ feel
  • Great for video content where a reveal or launch is the key objective
  • Perfect when there is 1-3 key messages to communicate
  • Highly likely to engage the viewer on a visual/emotive level
  • Professional edge to your video, which stands out from the crowd
  • Ideal when crafting a story
  • Typically short than promotional videos but with more of a ‘wow’ factor
  • Excellent for providing in-depth detailed information
  • Great videos for repeat watching
  • As a demonstration or explanatory videos they provide a content based option
  • Perfect for when the video content has more than 3 key messages to communicate

If you would like to discuss how we can bring a cinematic or promotional feel to your defence video, get in touch