Aerial Filming with Drones


Thought aerial filming was just for big budget film productions? Think again! Today you don’t need to hire a helicopter or plane to capture aerial footage; you can simply use a UAV drone. Here we’ll explain some of the benefits of aerial filming and how you can use it to improve your video production.

Why use aerial filming?

If you are looking for a way to differentiate your web videos, aerial filming provides the perfect solution. It is great for capturing dramatic vistas, tracking movements and giving the audience a bird’s eye view. You can even capture footage as your drone flies over and under objects, making the audience feel like they’re flying too.

Drone information

Today aerial footage is commonly captured using unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones. These are small aircrafts that can be flown using a remote control. Drones have the potential to revolutionise the farming, parcel delivery and security industries, however they’re most commonly used for capturing aerial footage.

Benefits of using a drone for aerial filming

It’s affordable – Creating aerial footage isn’t as expensive as you might think. Whilst in the past you would have to use a helicopter or plane, today you can simply use a drone instead. Drones are much cheaper to use and can either be bought or hired. It’s worth keeping in mind that in order to fly a drone for commercial purposes, you will need approval from the civil aviation authority.

Unique shots – Drones can give you access to aerial shots that have never been seen before. Their small size and flexible manoeuvrability means they can capture unique shots that make your web videos even more exciting.

Capture high quality footage – Another advantage of using an unmanned aerial vehicle is that they’re capable of capturing high quality footage. Drones fly at much slower speeds and lower altitudes, which helps to prevent motion blur.

Making the impossible possible – Drones are able to carry out missions that would be dangerous or impossible for manned aircraft e.g. flying over wildfires or close to high-voltage power lines.

Environmentally friendly – Drones are better for the environment. They cause less noise and air pollution, making them the perfect choice for environmentally friendly companies

Aerial filming with Zealous Media

If you are interested in using aerial footage in your video productions, then Zealous Media can help! Our DJI Phantom, which has a GoPro camera attached to it, is ideal for carrying our aerial filming on a low cost budget. It is capable of capturing high quality aerial footage, which will rival that of many TV and film productions.

CAA Approved Pilots

Our aerial drones are flown by fully certified CAA Pilots licensed by EuroUSC Ltd. In the UK, the regulations require you to have a license to fly unmanned aerial vehicles for commercial purposes. Our two CAA pilots have that license, so you can have the peace of mind that filming practices will be carried out safely and legally.

Get in touch

For more information about aerial filming, get in touch with the Zealous Media team today. We are more than happy to talk through your project ideas and show you some examples of the aerial footage we have captured for previous clients.

We not only provide video capturing services but also editing and production. Our aim is to help you create the best possible web videos to impress your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Studio One Specification

  • 150 sq. metres
  • Pre-lit 5 x 6 metre Chroma green screen
  • 5 metre wide Infinity coving
  • X3 point lighting set up
  • Lighting grid (Fresnel, fluorescent or LED lighting)
  • Width: 6m
  • Length: 25m
  • Height: 3m (at lowest point – bottom of rigging bar)
  • Door way width: 1.5m
  • Green room and client areas
  • Changing facilities
  • Make up room
  • Private meeting room
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Free parking

Studio Two Specification

  • 64 sq. metres
  • Pre-lit 4 metre wide Chroma green screen and 6 by 2 metre green vinyl floor for full body shots
  • 8 metre wide Infinity coving
  • X3 point lighting set up
  • Lighting grid (Fresnel, fluorescent or LED lighting)
  • Width: 8.0m
  • Length: 8.1m
  • Height: 2.6m (at lowest point – bottom of rigging bar)
  • Door way width: 85cm
  • Green room and client areas
  • Changing facilities
  • Make up room
  • Private meeting room
  • Catering grade kitchen facilities
  • Water supply in studio
  • Free parking

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