Agency Partner

Agency Partner

Whether you’re a creative or media agency you will often have clients request video content.

By partnering with Zealous Media, we present ourselves as your Video Production Partner, we provide all the services listed in this website as your own.

There’s no need to miss out on projects because you don’t have access to a green screen video or drone filming capabilities. Use ours.


Use in your Marketing

What better way to make a splash in your own marketing than to launch your own motion graphics offering?

Drone footage is the most incredible way to begin any video, align that with our cinematic approach to storytelling, layer further with motion graphics and we’re making video content that people will be talking about. How about that for your social media?

Change the perception of your agency, develop a video production arm to be proud of by partnering with Zealous Media.

How it works

We work with you to establish which services would be of use to you, agree rates and provide you with any information you need to market your new Video Production division.

It really is that easy. We’re even happy to wear your branded clothing on shoots!

We provide phenomenal video content that should be available to a wider network. By partnering with you we can grow with you, meet some great people along the way and create a portfolio of work, even Hollywood would be proud of.

We work with you from the beginning of the project, through pre-production, the shoot and editing, keeping you not only part of the loop but as an integral part of the process.



Video content transcends marketing in general. It’s the greatest media to truly engage a target audience, if it’s not part of the marketing mix for your clients, it should be.

Whether they need a TV advert or a talking heads piece – you should be their total solution provider.

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