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Conference & Event Videography

Over 20 Years Experience in Event videography

Conference and event videography is where it all started for us at Zealous Media. We’ve been filming event highlights from the start, creating a video for playback at the end of the conference or very soon after.

Capturing the essence of an event often means feeling the vibe of the day, on the day. Whether it’s a fast-paced dynamic event or a more professional, high-level briefing – we adapt accordingly.

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Credibility in the Events sector

Event filming is demanding from the perspective of creating an efficient, yet flexible recording plan. At Zealous Media we also understand how our technology/equipment must be fully operational at all times, will back up support if necessary – our crews and on-site teams are highly skilled and ensure that capturing content, that cannot be replicated or re-filmed is of primary objective.

The variety of our event video production experience is wide:

  • Promotional asset creation
  • Video wall content
  • Conference
  • Seminar
  • Presentation
  • Award Show
  • Debate
  • Panel Discussion
  • Outdoor Exhibition/Show
  • Exhibition
  • Talking Heads
  • Team Building Days

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Have a quick look at some of the event videos we've produced

Comprehensive Event Coverage: Our team captures every important moment, from keynote speeches and panel discussions to networking sessions and attendee interactions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of your conference or event.
Engaging Highlight Reels: We create dynamic highlight reels that showcase the energy and key highlights of your conference or event, encapsulating the essence and excitement for promotional purposes.
Multi-Camera Setups: Utilising multiple camera angles, we capture a diverse range of perspectives, ensuring a visually dynamic and engaging viewing experience for your conference or event videos.
Professional Audio Recording: We employ high-quality audio recording techniques to capture clear and crisp sound, ensuring that every word and presentation is captured accurately.
Post-Event Interviews: Our team conducts insightful interviews with attendees, speakers, and organisers, capturing valuable feedback, testimonials, and insights to enhance the post-event content.
Live Streaming Services: We offer live streaming capabilities, allowing remote audiences to participate in real-time, expanding the reach and impact of your conference or event.

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