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How Promotional videos can help your business

If you are looking for an effective way to grow your business and increase sales, you should incorporate promotional videos into your marketing strategy. There is no medium more powerful to demonstrate, promote or display your products or services. Here we will explain how promotional videos can help your business to flourish.

Our video production experts work with you to understand your sales goals and determine exactly what type of video content is best for your brand. Together, we bring your videos to life and help you use them to grow your business.

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Why promotional videos?

If you’ve arrived at this page, there’s a good chance you understand the impact that video can make as part of a promotional campaign or as a stand-alone piece.

Brands can no longer get by using written content, images or emailers alone — in today’s media saturated world, consumers are bombarded with messages, so Zealous Media is here to help you compete.

It’s very simple to be left behind, Zealous Media make sure your video content is created for maximum effect, ensuring your product or service is presented in the best possible way.

A promotional video allows businesses to deliver their marketing message and key points about their product or service in very little time. Videos also allow brands to showcase their personality a lot better than other forms of marketing.

Maximise online exposure with a Promotional video

Are you looking to maximise your brand’s online exposure? Drive traffic through to your website? Creating a promotional video is the only way to achieve this. Promotional videos are not limited to a single channel. You can upload them to a wide range of sites including your website, social media, and places like Vimeo and YouTube which receive millions of hits every day. The results of video marketing can be tremendous. High-quality, engaging, entertaining videos have the potential to go viral, allowing you to reach millions of people at a minimal cost to your business.

Creating promotional videos for your business can also help to improve your website’s SEO. Search engines love high-quality video content and often rank it higher on results pages. The higher your video appears on relevant results pages; the more people will click on it, sending high volumes of traffic through to your website.


Power of message is vital to sell your product or service

Power of message is vital to sell your product or service. Today’s audience is inundated with adverts, and your brand has to compete, stand above the rest and capture the attention of your target audience.

Promotional videos give your brand it’s character, whilst maximising the time your target audience spends watching. There’s no medium more personal than video, seeing and hearingencourages trust and loyalty, especially in this day-and-age where business is done virtually rather than face-to-face. A promo video gives your business a bit of personality.

A multi-channel marketing approach is important to convince more consumers to purchase a product or service. Video is just one of many marketing channels that businesses pursue to engage consumers, but it is so persuasive because it is often the most memorable. Business videos work because they bring all the other marketing messages together and improve sales.

By producing a promotional video, you will also show customers that you care about your image and want to create an excellent first impression on them. All this will again help to build up their trust in your company and gain their loyalty.

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