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Motion Graphics Production

Motion graphics is an essential part of video production, used to help keep the audience engaged throughout a visual story by adding a layer of interaction.

We produce a whole range of motion graphics and animation, all punctuated by our trademark brand focus – from title sequences to idents and stings, as well as animated identities for web and corporate communications.

We combine excellent levels of creativity with high-level technical know-how and computer firepower to ensure each, and every project has the correct balance of motion graphics.

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Full-service Animation

Animated video allows you to take your audience anywhere you want. A journey of discovery or an all-out assault on the senses, You can create entire virtual worlds that can show your customers how your product works, the energy of your company or into a world beyond their imagination.

Motion graphics also enable you to explain how your service can help customers or increase productivity clearly and efficiently.

An animation can hold an audiences’ attention, giving you the ability to communicate anything as creatively and engagingly as possible. Specifically, this could be looking at a service that could be hard to demonstrate in an interesting way through traditional video.

Motion graphics is also a great way to demo a product using 3d animation; we’re able to manipulate your product any way we choose.

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Motion graphics is also a wide ranging set of services, our experience includes:

2D character animation
2D motion graphics animation
2.5D animation
3D animation
3D wireframes
Live action
Live action with track elements
Stop motion
Whiteboard animation videos

We can create video content based solely on motion graphics, however the real value is when we use motion graphics in live action videos, testimonials and other forms of visual storytelling. As an aid to tell the best story possible.

Incorporating visual elements in motion in an explainer video for example, can make the difference between captivating your and keeping their attention throughout or losing the audience within the first five seconds.

Our animation and motion graphics artists create visually stunning pieces for a broad range of applications including TV commercials, promotional web videos, internal communications, event graphics, presentations, video game cinematic, drone footage, logo animations, music videos, social media video content, training videos and broadcast graphics.

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