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Planning is paramount


Here’s where we take the time to get to know your specific requirements for your project. We’ll work together within your brief ensuring we understand your key messages and requirements.


Once we’ve agreed on the brief, we can get to work. Once filming has wrapped, we can start video editing. You can send your footage over in multiple ways, We love WeTransfer and highly recommend them as the easiest solution. There are lots of other ways, dropbox, google drive or good old fashioned Royal Mail. Once we have the footage, we can begin video editing. We can work with most formats, but its good to check with us first just to make sure.


We’ll work quickly, keeping an eye to detail and bring the first draft together. Once we’re happy with the edit, you can review and feedback interactively, by making notes straight onto the video. We’ll then make all the the amends as needed, give you another chance to make any small tweaks. We will then export the final video and send back to you for you to publish, easy!

How we edit

In the realm of video editing, our meticulous focus on details sets us apart. Our skilled video editors possess the expertise necessary to guide your project from its inception to its completion. We guarantee videos of exceptional professional quality. Whether it involves enhancing your current footage, capturing new material, utilising stock assets, or a blend of these approaches, we are equipped to meet your needs.

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The video editing process

Video editing is an industry that needs to keep up with the times. Technology and editing styles are always changing. That’s why we’ve invested thousands into our edit suites and ensure we keep up with current trends.

We’re experts at using Adobe’s Creative Suite and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. Along with many plugins, such as the Red Giant suite.

Your video footage will be transferred to our server. Your edit project is regularly backed up both on and off-site. We will make an assembly edit and then keep refining this until we’re happy. The draft video will be sent to you via a secure link, where you’ll be able to make feedback and amends directly onto the video. We then make those amends grade and master the audio and send you back the final video in any agreed format.

The use of AI in video editing is beginning to speed up the process, subtitles and transcribing can be done in a fraction of the time

Finalise and delivery

The post-production takes place at our in-house studio, with edit suites for offline and online editing, music and sound editing, colour correction and grading. We also have specialist team members for any animation and motion graphics requirements.

During the process of amends, we can either send the draft film to you for comments or can arrange a face-to-face meeting, where we can work through them together. We’ll deliver the video in the format you require, and we can advise and support you with online distribution and channel management.



Once you’ve received the first draft, you can take your time to review it, ensure you’re happy with all of the cuts and assets used within the final piece, you can then come back to us with any amends that you require. this way, we can be certain the final piece delivered to you will be exactly how you want it.

Sign Off

With everything in place and all the amends made, we can then happily sign off on the final version and send it over to you in a way to suit you best.

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Once you’ve received your finalised version, we’re here to help even after delivery. We can help you achieve the best way to make use of your new video whatever its aim.

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