Video Editing

Planning is paramount. 

Here’s where we take the time to get to know your specific requirements for the project at hand. We’ll work together closely to design a brief for the video you want to create, how you want it to look along with incorporating any additional assets you require.  
Once we’ve come to an agreement on the brief, we can get to work. You can send your footage over in multiple ways, we love Wetransfer and highly recommend them as the easiest solution. We’ll then start from scratch, taking into account your branding and current online appearance to keep your video up to date with your current business branding.

We’ll work tirelessly to bring the first draft together, once we’re in a position we’re happy with we’ll have the first copy sent straight over to you.

How we edit

We offer all manners of video editing, including Corporate showreels and presentations, Educational videos, Product and Advertising videos that are sure to reach your visions and show off your company in the best light possible. All you need to do is supply your footage together with details of your intended audience and the message you wish to send.

Our team of specialist video editors have the knowledge and skill to see your project through from start to finish, offering you results that are far beyond your business’ expectations. We offer outstanding professional quality videos.

The Modern Editing Process

Modern video editing is one of those industries that need to keep up with the times, and that’s why we use the latest cutting edge technology to edit video footage; gone are the days of traditional editing, of cutting and splicing film strips together.

Nowadays almost everything is done using a computer-based non-linear-editing (NLE) system, which is a non-destructive process, meaning the original is not damaged, cut or spliced to make up the final edited footage, like it used to be many years ago; hence the term the cutting room, where films were edited together by physically cutting them.


We take all video footage and transfer it over to our server meaning that after this process your precious original footage is not touched again and takes no further part in the editing; all editing is then done within our editing software.

At Zealous Media, we use a number of software packages from Adobe’s Creative Suite range including Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro to Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

finalise and delivery

The post-production takes place at our in-house studio, with edit suites for offline and online editing, music and sound editing, colour correction and grading. We also have specialist team members for any animation and motion graphics requirements.

During the process of amends, we can either send the draft film to you for comments, or can arrange a face-to-face meeting, where we can work through them together. We’ll deliver the film in the format you require, and we can advise and support you with online distribution and channel management.

Once you’ve received the first draft, you can take your time to review it, ensure you’re happy with all of the cuts and assets used within the final piece, you can then come back to us with any amends that you require. this way, we can be certain the final piece delivered to you will be exactly how you want it.
Sign off
With everything in place and all the amends made, we can then happily sign off on the final version and send it over to you in a way to suit you best.
Social Media
Once you’ve received your finalised version, we’re here to help even after delivery. we can help you achieve the best way to make use of your new video whatever its aim. 

If you would like more information on our video editing services