Aviation Video Production


The aviation sector will inevitably provide spectacular content because of the awesome subject matter. Where Zealous Media comes into our own is working with the various aviation authorities, airport security [both private and public] and staff, so that our video capture is fully complicit and as smooth an operation as possible.

Navigating through those stakeholders ensures the rewards, as when filming day arises, we must show flexibility, adaptability and pull all our experience to immerse ourselves in what is such a variable subject matter. Aviation video production is as much about adapting as planning.


Aviation video production leads the way with spectacular visuals and incredible stories. The aviation sector demands a high level of pre-planning and sensitivity to the regulatory bodies involves, we take some of this hassle away from you to produce incredible footage in the following executions:

  • Advertising
  • Promotional
  • Stakeholder Videos
  • Demonstration
  • Product Launch
  • Training and Safety Videos
  • Pilot Introduction
  • Induction

Cinematic Reel

Promotional Video Reel

  • Employing the use of cinematic filming techniques such as extreme long shot and birds-eye give the audience a ‘film trailer’ feel
  • Great for video content where a reveal or launch is the key objective
  • Perfect when there is 1-3 key messages to communicate
  • Highly likely to engage the viewer on a visual/emotive level
  • Professional edge to your video, which stands out from the crowd
  • Ideal when crafting a story
  • Typically short promotional videos but with more of a ‘wow’ factor
  • Excellent for providing in-depth detailed information
  • Great videos for repeat watching on social media
  • As a demonstration or explanatory video they provide a content based option
  • Perfect for when the video content has more than 3 key messages to communicate

If you would like to discuss how we can bring a cinematic or promotional feel to your aviation video, get in touch