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Videographer London: Premier Video Production Services by Zealous Media

Videographer Services in London

Looking for a top-tier videographer in London? Zealous Media offers versatile and ready-to-deploy camera crews across London. Whether you need a single videographer to capture an event or a full-fledged crew for a high-quality corporate video, our London-based videographers bring extensive experience and skill to every project. Our team’s flexibility and scalable services ensure we meet your needs, regardless of your budget.

Cameraman using camera
Cameraman holding Sony FX9 video Camera

Experienced London Videographers and Diverse Filming Capabilities

Our London videographers excel in all facets of video production, equipped with professional gear to handle varied filming needs including CAA licensed drone filming, marine, altitude, vehicle filming, and more. This diverse skill set ensures we deliver content that meets your unique requirements.

  • CAA Licensed and insured drone filming.
  • Marine filming.
  • Altitude filming.
  • Vehicle filming.
  • Steadicam and Gimbal Operators.
  • Timelapse and mini-Cam filming.
  • Drone filming.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for Videography in London

At Zealous Media, we stay ahead in technology, constantly updating our equipment. Our London videographers use 4k cameras, prime lenses, and advanced gear like Rhino Sliders and DJI Ronin gimbals to create stunning visuals. Our additional grip equipment, like camera stabilisers, allows us to produce cinematic quality content.

  • Rhino Slider (motion controlled)
  • DJI Ronin RS3 (motorised gimbal)
  • Cinema Prime Lenses
  • Jib
  • Track and Dolly
camera equipment

Additional Kit

We also use a variety of grip equipment, including camera stabilisers and motion-controlled sliders. This enables our camera crew to create cinematic camera movements.

With these tools, we are able to stay at the peak of our game and produce the highest level of content.

Whilst we have a broad range of equipment, if there was a specific shot or treatment you required, we’re happy at pre-production stage to source the kit for the purpose.

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